I've come up with a plan. A plan to end the need for clean water in this world. It was gut-wrenching to find out that access to clean water is a luxury, and that a population of 660,000,000 people are currently living without it. This is absolutely insane to me! It's hard to believe in this day in age, where we've figured out how to build self driving cars, and send them to Mars, but , "we haven't figured out something as simple as giving the whole world clean water???" This preposterous. My thoughts are that we are all one on this planet living together. If I had the cure for cancer, I'd be willing to give it to everyone. If I had the cure for anything, I'd just give it. Well, this is the point of this company that I'm building. I found a cure to the world's need for clean water. Coffee. My name Thomas F. Barnes and here's my plan and a little bit of how I got here.

I've learned so much by listening to Bob Proctor a well known motivational speaker. In any given business the more volume you have, the more you can do, and the cheaper your costs of what you do, will be. The vision of where I want to take this mission, is clear. I've learned "You have to be able to see it, to believe it." I can see it, and I totally 100% believe in it. "If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand" I can absolutely see it in my mind,. Now, I'vvvvvve absolutely just gotta hold it in my hands!!! "Les Brown- The first step to realizing your dream is believing its possible." I know without a doubt, that this is possible!!! I've never been so clear and so sure of any possibility in my life.

This dream I have is a big one. It's not so much about the size of it, it's about my desire to make it happen. I am willing to give whatever time I have left here on earth to seeing this dream become a reality. I know I have found my purpose. Everything I have gone through has led me to this. I wanna make this happen so bad that I will never give up! I believe 110% I can do this. We can do this. I Think of me doing this project is like a song writer writing a song. The intent of the song writer is make people want to sing dance while feeling of joy. Sense I can't sing or dance, I've had to come up with a way to deliver the same experience with a great cup of coffee.

Imagine while drinking your cup of coffee in the morning, that your cup of coffee was actually responsible for giving you the ability to know that you're giving a person the ability to never have to worry about where to get clean drinking water again. That's a cup of coffee that would make me wanna dance. The taste of that coffee, would always remind me of how good it is and how I get to start my day this way everyday! Making the world a better place for all. I think about dancing with the stars being able to give people access to something as crucial and simple as clean water. It feels like a purpose has been found. To give!

I like to call this Song...

'This is how we brew it"

We need 7000 coffee drinkers to buy at least one pound of coffee to get this kick ass party started. Once I have 7000 orders/partners, l've arranged to work with Paul Kagame the President of Rwanda and Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi of JR Farms Africa to buy at least 7000 pounds of roasted coffee that's organically grown, shade grown- and bought fairly from over 4000 Rwandan farmers. Olawale is a young man, a father, a husband and my brother from Lagos Nigeria that will not rest until all of Africa's farmers/moms and Dads are treated fairly by foreign exporters. Olawale Rotimi Opeyemi of CEO of JR Farms,( known for creating thousands of well paying jobs in the Agro sector of Africa) Paul Kagame the President of Rwanda (known for uplifting his country through a brutal history and game changer throughout the African continent), and myself owner and CEO of Boston Brewin Organic Coffee (known for giving back whenever possible, and for hugging more people in Boston ever in the history of Boston,) we have partnered to bring you our " Coffee for Water Project!" to life to inspire the world and you!

Our partners who do the good coffee drinking part

If you'd be willing to purchase at least one pound of coffee (whole bean or ground)(light, medium,dark,or espresso) from this website, we will start to start building "for absolutely free to people in need"clean water systems. Our goal is to build out these systems using social media to constantly update and show our progress and live video of our accomplishments when each phase of the water systems are built.

With every 7000 pounds sold, the funding from your purchase makes one more water system possible. As soon as each water system is up and operational, (CURRENTLY takes approximately one month to build) we'll be moving on to the next area already waiting for us. As we grow, get better at installing water systems, understanding better practices to process the business side, we'll be hiring and training locals to put together well paid teams, to continue to build systems as our mission gains momentum, and we begin to sell more coffee, and we begin to create more love in a world that needs it. We'll be non-stop until the need for clean water has become a thing of the past for Rwandans. With your partnership, we'll turn coffee into clean water. This where the magic begins. This is where you have to ask yourself, what would Jesus brew?

Make it rain for Rwanda, order soon!