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Astrological Meaning of full name

Origin (Hebrew) - Meaning: God is merciful

He has a love for travel and adventure, and he enjoy sports. He also has a very strong sense of fair play and wants justice. He has a great deal of loyalty to those he loves. He has much inner strength. He works hard to achieve material success through his own efforts. He can handle details well. And he has a methodical mind.

Origin (French) - Meaning: Crowned with Laurel

He is fair-minded sometimes to the point of being opinionated. He has a strong need to be loved and appreciated. He has much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievement in life. He is soft-hearted with a charitable nature. He enjoys a challenge. He can take thought-directed actions. He can be quite inventive and quite curious. He must learn to give 'wise' service and not be a martyr. His privacy is important to him. He has a rich inner life.

Bush: He has a tendency to resist change. Doesn't miss opportunities for growth. He has a love of creature comforts, but must learn to handle money. He needs to learn the meaning of true giving. He try's to be prudent. He has good business acumen. He needs to learn the true value of material possessions. He has a natural protection in life. He is always saved - especially from himself.

Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Calculator Date of Birth Meaning


EIGHT (Harmonic Resonance) - Eight represents justice, harmony and balance.

People born on days with this tone possess exceptional organizational and management skills, and the ability to handle the most complex of tasks, situations or environments. Carefully weighing all evidence to reach a balance of justice, they are concerned not with taking sides but with fairness and equality. Some Eights might be overly concerned with cleanliness and neatness.

Native Name: UAXAC [wa-shak]
Qualities: empowerment, galactic grid, path of the one heart

Pierced by the harmonic of the one heart, you sing ecstasy's song. Join in singing the dream awake!

Eight is the ray of harmonic resonance, the foundation of self combined with the current of the trinity. It is love made visible. Create the flow of harmony in your life. Enter the spiral frequencies of the greater galactic grid. You are being offered empowerment through your innate resonance with this grid. Be aware of where you are drawn, for there you will find unique opportunities. Discover the harmony of being in this natural resonance with others. Be receptive. You are the diviner of harmony, the meeting ground of physical reality and the infinite.

Bring a deeper harmony to the practical circumstances in which you find yourself. Free the ego from its self-centeredness. Embrace the potent energies that are raising the harmonic frequencies of the planet. Breathe easily; you are the song being sung by the new golden octave. Sound the resonant tone of the one heart!

IMIX (Alligator) - This sign often manifests in people as the initiator of new ideas or new projects.

These people are often deeply caring people with a strong nurturing, protective energy, particularly for their children. They may work hard to provide security and comfort for their families and friends, but they should take care not to become overprotective, territorial or dominating. Otherwise, they may become insecure, indecisive and emotionally volatile.

Native Names: IMIX [ee'meesh], IMOX [ee'mosh]
Common Mayan Usage: root, waters
Qualities: source of life, divine nurturance and support, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, receptivity
Symbol: spiral vortex on the primordial waters, dragon, alligator
Number: one (unity)
Color: burgundy
Element: earth
Direction: east

Shadow Wisdom: issues of deep, primal trust and survival; feeling unsupported by divine nurturance or unworthy to receive
Shadow Transformation: Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires, and dreams.
Harmonic Wisdom: frequency

Mudra: hands cradling each other comfortably at the level of the abdomen

Meditation: "Primordial cauldron of mystery, spiraling vortex, quicken me-stir in me-primal trust in your love."
Affirmation: "I trust unconditionally the source of divine nurturance."


The Journeyer

Imix represents the root source of life, the nurturance and support of primary being, and within it are found the primal waters of unity. This is where your deepest roots receive true nourishment. Imix is the energy of form contained within the formlessness of the primordial sea.

Primal trust means making choices with no guarantees, knowing that divine nurturance will provide what is needed for your journey. It means making choices moment by moment, implicitly trusting your innate steering mechanism of heart-knowing. Primal trust implies surrendering to the will of the divine self, letting go of what your ego deems to be control of the outcomes in your life. It means deeply trusting the processes that are at work within your present spiral of evolution.

The energy of Imix asks you to embrace the depth of your receptivity. Perhaps you have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. Giving is a powerful way to learn how to receive, but it is not the whole picture. There is a circuit of completion in giving and receiving that happens within you and in your external world at the same time. If you trust unconditionally in the giving, you are not attached to how the gift is received. When you freely give, you fill your cup with sweet waters, which you can then offer innocently and purely to another. Know, on one level, that your gift is poured out universally regardless of how it appears to be received. However, when the gift comes from the ego, it is limited by expectations and conditions. Love just is. It is neither given nor taken; rather it is simply discovered and allowed.

The universe is an inseparable whole. Imix represents the energy matrix lines that look like a web in the universe, through which all points are connected in time and space. This energetic web of communication is known as the 'crystal grid network.' It is a cauldron of creation, a potent field in which all things are not only possible but constantly being created. Within this grid, the linear causality of time and space has been freed into an open system in which all time and all space exist and interact simultaneously. This grid connects the larger holograms of reality with our own. Its energy lines connect all places, times and events - even those that are seemingly unrelated. All phenomena and all actions are part of this larger whole; it is the very foundation for telepathy and synchronicity. Imix embodies unity, in which all things are one with the Source.


Shadow Wisdom and Transformation

In the shadow of Imix are found issues of trust. This can appear as a lack of basic trust in the Source to nurture you and provide what is needed for your journey. Perhaps you do not trust in life's transformational process to bring you the perfect lessons and gifts required for your growth. Primal trust implies the understanding that there are no mistakes and no victims - only lessons, gifts, and growth processes on the way to wholeness. If you perceive that there are no mistakes as you move toward wholeness, then learning to trust the transformational process becomes much easier.

Trusting, however, does not mean acting blindly without awareness or waiting without action; it means moving forward with and learning from your journey of experience. No matter what the appearance, whatever manifests in your world actually holds potential gifts on the path to wholeness. In the cycle of giving and receiving, trust is like the lubricant that eases the way for the transformational process. And when you understand that every particle of the universe is made up of love, then trusting can be perceived as a natural state of being.

In the shadow of Imix are hidden feelings of unworthiness to receive, often manifested as embarrassment or discomfort when others offer you something. These feelings can stem from many places. Often then stem from early childhood, when your gifts may not have been received or when you heard that "it is better to give than to receive." Or perhaps you developed a reality based on praise for being "self-sufficient" or not owing anyone anything. Regardless of the source, these feelings spring from only a partial truth. You are intrinsically worthy to receive, simply because you are. Love just is, and you are part of the cycle of love.

In the shadow of Imix, you may also be overly identified with being a source of support and nurturance for others - the caretaker or a "cosmic mama." Giving without receiving is limiting. In Western society we are unknowingly taught to be dependent and co-dependent. Perhaps from an inability or unwillingness to nurture and support yourself, you have abandoned yourself for another. Perhaps you expect that other to know intuitively what your needs are and to meet them without direct communication.

As an example, the shadow of Imix might say, "If they really loved me, they would understand how I feel"; or "If I have to ask for it, it's not worth it." In other words, you may be avoiding responsibility for being aware of and communicating your own desires and feelings. In the shadow of Imix there is the belief that love is magical, that relationships should just "happen," and that love is a need rather than a natural state of being.

If you are in the shadow of Imix, you are being encouraged to step into the primal waters of your being to discover the core of your self-acceptance, your intrinsic value, your own wholeness. Find the wellspring of your feelings. Be willing to explore more fully and honestly, expressing your true desires, dreams, and truths.