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Astrological Meaning of Full Name

Origin (Hebrew) - Meaning: To descend, to flow

He has a love of travel and adventure, and he enjoys sports. He also has a very strong sense of fair play and wants justice. He has a great deal of loyalty to those he loves. He has much inner strength. He enjoys a challenge. He can take thought-directed actions. He has a discriminating nature coupled with perseverance and family pride. He has much enthusiasm with a driving attitude toward achievements in life. He can handle details well. He has a methodical mind.

Origin (Greek) - Meaning: Twin

He is an overly sensitive person, often falling into a savior-martyr role. He is very skeptical and has more than your share of bad luck. He works hard to achieve material success through his own efforts. He needs to learn flexibility. He is always involved with projects and things to do. He has a need to be up front. He try's to be prudent. He has good business acumen.


He has a tendency to resist change. He doesn't miss opportunities for growth. He has a love of creature comforts, but must learn to handle money. He is soft-hearted with a charitable nature. He has a need to earn money to prove his success to society and must learn the true value of material gains and status. He needs to learn the true value of material possessions. He has a natural protection in life. He is always saved - especially from himself.

Mayan Tzolkin Calendar Calculator Date of Birth Meaning


NINE (Greater Cycles) - Nine represents patience, perseverance and completion.

People born on days with this tone place great emphasis on the big-picture view of things, on a larger perspective on all aspects of life. With this energy, plans or projects move toward completion so that they may begin their life or destiny in full. Completion is crucial for people of this tone; if completion is not attained, it can cause pain and suffering.

Native Name: BOLON [bo-lon]
Qualities: completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of time, fulfillment, grand design

Thread of grand design in the tapestry of light, on the loom of the greater cycles weave your pattern.

Nine is the ray of greater cycles, the foundation of self opening to the four points of measure and cycle. It is the grand design, the unfolding order of the larger pattern. With nine, you are being offered the embrace of longed-for completion. Fulfill your pattern, your circle. Embody the mastery and wisdom you came to express. This ray asks you to be rather than try to be. Embody the wisdom of the larger cycles. Become the one who shines the light for others. You are the humanitarian whose being unfolds the larger pattern of the new world.

In the grand cycle of time, nine is the number of completion and expansion. What is it that you are being asked to complete? Can you see the clues to this lifetime of completion? As you expand, shed old patterns that do not support your growth. Receive completion's fulfillment. You are poised on an arc of a grand cycle of time. In this cycle, time and space fold, past and future merge, and lifetimes meld in completion. Join in the fulfillment of the mystery of the triple triangle by offering your mystery to be woven into the larger loom of reality.

KAN (Seed) - This sign was considered by the Maya to be the sign that controls the sexual force of the body.

A sunlit Southern sign, these people are natural networkers and public defenders who work toward uniting individuals and communities by uncovering hidden deceptions and secret influences of others.

To create true prosperity, they must learn to appreciate all of the gifts and lessons it receives and conduct profound investigations into themselves.

Native Names: KAN [k'an], KAT
Common Mayan Usage: seed, corn, iguana
Qualities: seed, seeding manifestation, self-germination, creation, fertile ground, gestation, opening, erupting possibility
Symbol: well-rooted seedling, solar plexus, spider
Number: four (measure and cycles)
Color: saffron yellow
Element: fire
Direction: south

Shadow Wisdom: feelings of insecurity; limiting of new possibilities; choosing to remain safe at the expense of awakening and growth; restricted self-concept
Shadow Transformation: Realize that you and your life are the fertile ground, that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as you enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility.
Harmonic Wisdom: progression

Mudra: hands cupped over each other at solar plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your life

Meditation: "I am the bodhi-mandala, the seed possibility erupting."
Affirmation: "I am the fertile ground and the self-germinating seed of possibility."


The Journeyer

Kan is the ordered pattern of growth. You and your life are the fertile soil, and the mystery blooms within you through the power of your intention or seed thoughts. Just as a seed contains the hologram of its completion, the process of manifestation follows a natural order. In this gestation process, your intention is quickened by Spirit. The charged seed, your true desire or vision, becomes the focus for germination.

What can you open that will support receptivity and assist the germination of your seed intentions? Envision the seed receiving the invitation to grow in the openness of your world. Viscerally feel the possibility of your heart's dream emerging. Your true desires and dreams contain an innate intelligence that can break through even the rigidity of fixed expectations. Planting a new seed, even in the hard soil of old belief systems, can bring unexpected magic and growth.

Be willing to break open the constraining shells of past patterns, the shackles of belief structures. Call forth your creative involvement with life. This involvement frees and awakens the powerful energy of the life force, shifting your perceptions and experience, catalyzing the manifestation of your dreams. Participate spontaneously in your growth, unrestricted by the illusion of old structures that once provided safety. Move forward into the light of new possibilities.

Offer your dream-seed to the universe. In the ordered patterning of the light, align with your heart's greater purpose. In gratitude, surrender and release the seed to the benefit of your growth and its own pattern of perfection.

Kan encompasses an ordered pattern of light known as entelechy, the power that directs an organism toward the fulfillment of its own nature. Kan is a symbol of this natural, ordered power. Within any seed is the hologram of both its potential and the fulfillment of its true nature. All possibility exists within the seed; it is informed directly from the ordered patterning of the light. That is to say, the perfect unfolding of a seed's potential is determined at each stage of its growth. Often we are caught in the maze of mind, looking for answers when, through our innate tropism to the light, our perfect pattern of growth would unfold with joyful ease.

Tropism is the tendency to respond or move toward something by natural attraction. Through a code inherent within, a sprouted seed grows toward the light and a sunflower follows the Sun. In like manner, you respond to the light of your Essence Self, opening naturally to the fulfillment of your true nature. Through your own process of living and learning, you generate and plant various intentions and desires. As your natural growth pattern is catalyzed and awakened, your truth germinates in wisdom, emerging into the light in which all seeds flourish. Thus, as you plant your own truth, more truth comes to light. In this way, you create ever more fertile ground in which to explore and express all that you are.

The number for Kan is four, the vibration of measure. This is the number of cycles and seasons. It represents the ordered patterning of the light wherein, as Jose Arguelles says, "form learns to generate its own seed." The number four represents the freed pattern of form, the germination of specific seeds co-created with Spirit. If you are in the process of seeding something, meditate with the number four and the energy of Kan to assist you.


Shadow Wisdom and Transformation

One of the shadows of Kan is acting as the unawakened seed, the sleeper who wants to remain protected and invulnerable. In this shadow you may think you are serving yourself through this illusion of safety and security. Yet if you maintain distance from the world of possibilities outside your shell, your new horizons are kept at a distance. Take a risk, and reveal all that you are! Beyond the confines of definitions and self-concepts and the security of everyday patterns, the excitement of unknown possibilities beckons.

Examine how protective limitations affect your natural growth. Such issues are reflected in phrases like, "My world works just the way it is"; "I can't do that"; "I'm just fine the way I am"; or "I feel too inadequate." The same wall that is intended to create safety and security also builds a barrier that limits Spirit from creating new possibilities in your life.

One way to access the transformation offered in the shadow of Kan is to realize that the seeds - your dreams, desires, and destiny - lie waiting within you to be awakened. In accepting that you are the fertile ground, you feel the authentic safety and security within, and the outside world becomes ripe with new possibilities.